Jumbo and Wanted 5 Games announce new Online Stratego game

On various major social media, including Facebook and Instagram, Royal Jumbo announced that together with Wanted 5 Games they are presenting Stratego Online.

Project Planning

The project is currently in development and is expected later this year. The official Stratego Facebook account mentions Q4 2023. They are currently looking for Beta testers – click here for more information about that.

According to comments made by Jord de Kooning (CEO Wanted 5 Games) to users on Facebook, there will be a web version for all browsers first in October 2023. Google and Apple apps for mobile players will follow in the months after.


Announcement Art from the Jumbo Instagram Website

Community Involvement

Wanted 5 Games will be attending the World Championship Stratego in Amsterdam. On Thursday August 10 they will be there with a delegation. Players and other enthousiastics might meet them in the Barrage Tournament (Fast Stratego with 8 pieces) or during a special Meet the Developers event later in the day. At this event there will be options to see more about this upcoming Stratego Online project and discuss the beta testing and other topics with the team.