World Championship Netherlands 2023

The Stratego Live World Championship 2023 will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands this year.

Dates: August 10 – August 13 2023
City: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Venue: Tolhuistuin, Address: IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT Amsterdam

Best transport method: 6 minutes by free ferry (to Buiksloterweg) from Amsterdam Central Station will put you right next to the location. Amsterdam has an excellent airport and very good train connections to many cities in Europe

Overview of Events & Schedules

The World Championships of Stratego consists of several events hosted on several days.

DateDay Event(s)Costs
August 10thThursdayWC BarrageSee Registration Form
August 11thFridayWC Classic Day 1/2 (5 games)See Registration Form
August 12thSaturdayWC Classic Day 2/2 (5 games)
August 13thSundayOpen Amsterdam 2023 Classic (5 games)Free
August 13thSundayWC Country Teams ClassicFree
The detailed schedule and practical information can be found here:

Barrage is the short version of Stratego, both players get 8 pieces (1x Marshal. 1x General. 1x Miner. 2x Scout. 1x Spy. 1x Bomb. 1x Flag).

Classic is the version everyone knows so well, both players get full armies of 40 pieces. Clock settings and other info can be found under Rules & Regulations.

Note that the Classic event is in two days, 10 rounds, spread over the Friday and the Saturday. Junior players can play in the Classic Juniors event on the Saturday.

On the Sunday the top 4 players of qualifying countries can play in the Country Team for their country. Other players can attend a separate Tournament called Open Amsterdam 2023

Registration & Requirements
The World Championships of Stratego in Amsterdam are open to everyone willing and able to participate. You do not need to have a (long) history of playing live Stratego tournaments. If this would be your first live tournament, that is perfectly fine, and you are welcome just as much!

Players who pre-register in time for the World Championships can participate against a reduced rate. This reduced rate is available by registering via either the Dutch or Englishsign-up form before the 27 th of July 2023, 23.59 Dutch local time.

Players who register after this date will be able to do so against the standard rate, which is € 10 on top of the rates offered in this document under Events & Schedules, per event.
Within the registration form, you can select the events in which you would like to
participate. In case your participation is conditional, for example you are willing to participate in thecountry teams but not the open tournament or vice versa, use the comments field (question 9)

Registration link in English:
Registration link in Dutch:

Alternatives for registration:
1) Send an e-mail to containing the same information as within the registration forms. Doing so prior to the dates mentioned on the previous page means you can still get the discounted rate.
2) Sign up during one of the playing dates (standard, non-discounted
entry fee applies)

Contact info

In case of any questions or need of assistance, you can contact the WC 2023 team

You are considered a junior player in case your age is 15, or you will reach this age in the current year. Juniors will play in the Classic Tournament, but have their own prizes (1,2,3)

Tolhuistuin at night

Special Events

The World Championship normally has a few special things to do or see. In the last world championship held in the The Netherlands there was a special city walk with exclusive entry to the medieval town hall of Naarden. In Amsterdam there will be a number of things to do and see during the World Championship

Special Event Stratego AI – Google DeepMind

Google DeepMind is a company specialized in AI research. In December 2022 they published an article in Science named “Mastering the game of Stratego with model-free multiagent reinforcement learning“. The Google DeepMind program named DeepNash is “an AI agent that learned the game from scratch to a human expert level by playing against itself.

A delegation from Google DeepMind will be at the World Championship to meet the worlds top Stratego players. On Thursday, 10 Aug 2023, starting at 13:00, an expert from Google DeepMind will talk about AI and Stratego. During the World Championships there will be opportunities for players to play against the the DeepNash agent on a laptop.

Special Event Stratego Online – Wanted 5 Games

Recently Jumbo and Wanted 5 Games announced they are working on Stratego Online, a new site to play the game with other players accross the world. The Stratego Online project has recently started their beta test.

Members of the Wanted 5 Games team will be playing in the Barrage event on Thursday. On the Thursday evening there will be a Meet the Development Team event organized by Wanted 5 Games. At this event there will be options to see more about the upcoming Stratego Online project and discuss the beta testing and other topics with the Wanted 5 Games team.


For visitors coming by car: parking can be done in a number of ways. Note that there is no option to park directly next to the location.

1 Park and Ride Amsterdam Noord – this costs 6 EUR per day if you arrive after 10:00 in the morning. One of the cheapest options, but you have to buy a public transport option to go to the city center. Make sure to check all terms and conditions. The ferry to the Tolhuistuin leaves from Amsterdam Central Station, which is in the city center, so this should not be a problem. There are a couple of other park and rides as well accross the city. Maximum parking is 4 days. The City of Amsterdam Park and Ride site shows availability

2 Mobi – with bicycle rental in Amsterdam Tower. An option closer to the location, you must make a reservation. The parking fee is 0 if you select the option to rent an adult bicycle. Check the rates for more details here.

3 Parking on the street. The rate is 1.4 EUR per hour from 0900 to 1900. Sunday from 1200 to 1900 in Amsterdam Noord on the the orange zone on the map. Closer to the Tolhuistuin it is EUR 3,50 per hour in the red zone. See the map for more details.