Online World Championship Stratego 7

The World Championship Online 7th edition will be held this year at Stratego Online (

A large number of previous contestants and new players have signed up for 10 Online games that will decide on the new World Champion Online. The event will start in the week of 4 Feb. Players from 5 different continents will participate in the WCO. Amongst them is player pokerface who won the previous version of the online tournament..

Wanted 5 Games that created Stratego Online made specific additions to support the WCO. Players can create Custom Games with the Bronstein Clock similar to how this is used in Live World Championships. WCO player will also be the first on the site that can use a piece set with the Stratego Original artwork on them.

The top 3 players in the tournament win medals, certificates and free entry to the Stratego Original event of the World Championship 2024. This will be held in Nuremberg Germany in August 2024. Jumbo also sponsors a Stratego 65th Anniversary Edition physical box for the winner of the tournament.