Stratego 65th Anniversary Edition

To celebrate 65 years of Jumbo Stratego, a special Anniversary Box has been created. This was announced on Saturday 3 June, International Board Games Day. The new, limited edition, box has been availabe for the public since 9 June.

The Anniversary Edition uses a high quality solid type piece material that gives it a very luxury look. The game has a few very special features.

65 Years Board View

Anniversary Edition comes with a special set of 15 Battle Cards, that can be used to make move combinations that can give a whole new perspective on playing the game.

The Battle Cards are movement, attack and defence cards. With the right card you could increase your attack or defense strength. You also get options to walk diagonally, spy at your opponents setup, cross the water by boat or escape from a bomb without harm.

The Battle Cards give a lot of extra options for a unique game experience and surprising new strategies.

Battle Cards

In addition to this, the game also comes with 3 extra pieces, so players can now choose to play with the male or female versions of the Marshall, Lieutenant and Scout.

New piece choices

According to VP Global Marketing JumboDiset Marion Moons, this will more reflect the actual composition of armies nowadays. “We want to offer a better representation and keep the game modern.”

Special Action: In the Anniversary box there are special codes that allow you to win back you your purchase amount via a special website. This action will ensure 65 lucky winners will get their money back in The Netherlands and Belgium. There are also 65 free games to be won in Germany. This action runs for purchases made till 31 August 2023, so smart Stratego fans should get their copy soon.

Full 65 Years Anniversary Stratego