DeepNash surprises top Stratego players

During the 2023 world championships in Amsterdam, participants could play against the Google DeepMind AI named DeepNash. Although DeepMind had already published that they won a high percentage of games on Gravon last year, the world championship was the real test against the world top.

During the four days of the Amsterdam 2023 events, players could play on laptops that were brought by the Google DeepMind team. On the first day Max Roelofs, a Dutch top player had to admit defeat in a very close game. Quite a few players said that the AI was much stronger than they expected. Some games were decided on just one bad move. Previous AI players proved no match for skilled Stratego players.

On the final day of the tournament, some of the highest ranked players that were participating in the classic tournament on the Friday and Saturday joined the battle against the AI. Most of these players won their games and gave the DeepMind team valuable input on how to improve DeepNash further.

The final score was 19 wins for DeepNash and 9 for the players.