Ludwigshaven 2023

Saturday 8 July 2023 the first tournament was held in Ludwigshaven, Germany. Organized by the Hangg Family, inviting the players as guests, 19 players from all parts of Germany and from Belgium and The Netherlands gathered for a 6 round tournament followed by a BBQ in the garden.

Dieter Krapp, Stradev (Stratego Germany Association), brought the large Stratego game specially made for demonstration games and a copy of the 65 Years anniversary for players to have a look at. The large game was used last year at Essen Games fair, the largest boardgame convention in the world and got a lot of admirers there.

It was a warm day for a tournament, but that didnt stop anyone from playing their games and having fun.

Various players were wearing Stratego related clothes, one of the nicest being Olaf Trittin (GE) with a custom shirt in Dutch writing, supporting the upcoming World Championship in Amsterdam. Olaf played a solid tournament ending up on board 1 in the final round vs Jorg Dannenbring who had been playing there the whole day.

Ludwigshaven, final round

Jorg proved too strong in this game and managed to win the tournament (4 wins, 2 draws) and would take the cup home accross Germany. Olaf ended just outside the medals with a 4th place.

Johnny van Geffen (NL) (also 4 wins, 2 draws) took the silver by taking the win from his travel partner Wim Sikteoeboen (NL) in a very close end game. Dennis Baas took the bronze (also 4 wins, 2 draws)

Adrian Hangg was the best home player, taking spot number 9. The results should be on the ISF rating page soon.