The Belgians Are Back

Saturday 10 June 2023, The Flanders Open Championship was held in Antwerp.

In the internaat on Linkeroever, very close to the river Schelde and the city center, the first tournament in Belgium since the corona stops was organized. Players from Flanders and Wallonia country as well as some Dutch players attended this tournament. Twelve players had a very nice day out in this lovely location, hosted by organizer Geert Verdoodt.

Phillipe Bergiers (BE, 5th) was in the top of the tournament at the start of the day, but Stefaan Michils (BE, 4th) proved to be the strongest Belgian player in the end standings.

Kees de Vos (NL, 2nd) was the big suprise of the day. With his draw vs Dennis Baas (NL, 3rd) he took home a big cup. The winner of the Flemish Open was highest ranked player Wout Gulden (NL)

After this succesfull day, the Belgians are looking at are holding a 2023 National Championship later this year. We hope to see some of them in action in Amsterdam as well in August at the World Championship.