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  • Online World Championship Stratego 7

    The World Championship Online 7th edition will be held this year at Stratego Online ( A large number of previous contestants and new players have signed up for 10 Online games that will decide on the new World Champion Online. The event will start in the week of 4 Feb. Players from 5 different continents […]

  • DeepNash surprises top Stratego players

    DeepNash surprises top Stratego players

    During the 2023 world championships in Amsterdam, participants could play against the Google DeepMind AI named DeepNash. Although DeepMind had already published that they won a high percentage of games on Gravon last year, the world championship was the real test against the world top. During the four days of the Amsterdam 2023 events, players […]

  • Switzerland joins Internation Stratego Federation (ISF)

    Switzerland joins Internation Stratego Federation (ISF)

    One week before the World Championship 2023 in Amsterdam started, the ISF representatives all voted in favor of Switzerland joining the ISF countries. The full members of ISF are now Germany, Greece, The UK, The Netherlands and Switzerland. During the World Championship the Swiss immediately won their first world title in Barrage, the 8 piece […]

  • Google DeepMind Stratego & AI opening World Championship 2023

    At Thursday 10 Aug 13:00-13:30 Julien Perolat, research scientist at Google DeepMind will be opening the World Championship with a speech about their research project relating to Stratego and Artificial Intelligence. Perolat is a lead author of the article in Science in December 2022 about “Mastering the game of Stratego with model-free multiagent reinforcement learning“. […]

  • Ludwigshaven 2023

    Saturday 8 July 2023 the first tournament was held in Ludwigshaven, Germany. Organized by the Hangg Family, inviting the players as guests, 19 players from all parts of Germany and from Belgium and The Netherlands gathered for a 6 round tournament followed by a BBQ in the garden. Dieter Krapp, Stradev (Stratego Germany Association), brought […]

  • Jumbo and Wanted 5 Games announce new Online Stratego game

    On various major social media, including Facebook and Instagram, Royal Jumbo announced that together with Wanted 5 Games they are presenting Stratego Online. Project Planning The project is currently in development and is expected later this year. The official Stratego Facebook account mentions Q4 2023. They are currently looking for Beta testers – click here […]

  • Stratego 65th Anniversary Edition

    To celebrate 65 years of Jumbo Stratego, a special Anniversary Box has been created. This was announced on Saturday 3 June, International Board Games Day. The new, limited edition, box has been availabe for the public since 9 June. The Anniversary Edition uses a high quality solid type piece material that gives it a very […]

  • The Belgians Are Back

    Saturday 10 June 2023, The Flanders Open Championship was held in Antwerp. In the internaat on Linkeroever, very close to the river Schelde and the city center, the first tournament in Belgium since the corona stops was organized. Players from Flanders and Wallonia country as well as some Dutch players attended this tournament. Twelve players […]

  • 24th WC Stratego 2023

    In 2023 we celebrate 65 years of Jumbo Stratego in The Netherlands. The Dutch Stratego Association ( will organize the World Championship Stratego in Amsterdam in August. Players from all over the world will be joining the Classic World Championship and possibly some side events in the heart of Amsterdam and compete for the world […]

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